5 Tips for a Calmer Happier Holiday Shopping Season and Beyond

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015 | General, Jewelry, Lifestyle Tips

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Meilily Lifestyle: 5 Tips for a Calmer Happier Holiday Shopping Season: Habits, resources, and ideas to help us keep our cool.

It’s that time of year to re-visit our goals and inspirations (and our closets) to see what has been working and what hasn’t, and to find new ways to improve each day.

Let’s start with an easy yet powerful tip…

5. Make Your Bed – One of the easiest morning habits of many of the world’s most successful people is simply making the bed, according to bestelling author Tim Ferriss (“The 4-Hour Body”, Tim’s podcast episode on 5 Morning Rituals). This only takes 5-10 seconds to do, and creates a fresh space first thing in the morning. Also, developing small habits can help increase willpower, which will come in handy trying to resist shoes we don’t need.

4. Keep Calm and Step Away from Facebook – When you get the urge to check Facebook (link intentionally removed), instead, browse images with less text on Instagram, Pinterest, or Imgr.com for some care-free, friend-free inspiration. If we believe what we see on Facebook, 98% of our friends and acquaintances spend their days on vacation (or dining out) and are always happy. Right… Spend less time on Facebook, and stop keeping up with the Joneses. Meilily says: Keep calm and step away!

3. Indulge, Just a Little – Instead of going on shopping sprees and ferreting away endless goodies in cute storage organizers, try a wear before you buy service, that lets you return items and then try more.  My latest favorite, Rocksbox, lets you try (and maybe buy) unlimited jewelry monthly, without the hassle or clutter of traditional shopping.  It’s a delightful, relatively customized, and surprisingly easy way to tame your bauble addiction while encouraging you to send back anything you don’t absolutely love. (You can even get a free first box through our link here: Rocksbox.)

2. Recycle and Reuse – If you really *need* to shop for designer goods, try an online consignment shop like ThredUp (they even donate to local schools).  Also Freecycle your unwanted clothing items, Amazon boxes, canned goods etc. before tossing them. Someone might actually want your wool socks with moth holes!

1. Feel and Look Better: Get Moving –   Visit the gym, try out a pilates class, or just start with the 7 Minute Workout. Consistently getting moving is one of the best ways to make significant change in your life and to feel (and look) better. We’re currently loving strength training and foam rolling, but try and find out what personally gets you moving!

What are your best tips, habits, and resources for keeping calm and enjoying the holidays and beyond?

Wishing you a good day and many enjoyable present moments – xoxo, Meilily

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