Handwritten Nail Polish: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in Love Letter

Saturday, June 29th, 2013 | Nail Polish, Product Picks, Swatches

Meilily: Nail Polish Strips - Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Love Letter
Meilily Photos & Swatches: Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips in Love Letter

Nail polish is the new lipstick, and if you haven’t been under a rock in the last year you know that creative nail polish art has gone mainstream. Nail product giant Sally Hansen has kept up with the nail art trend and has updated their fun-and-easy nail polish strips line, Salon Effects, to include more patterns like this handwritten love letter polish.

Reminiscent of the cool DIY newsprint nail polish look, these handwritten polish strips combine a DIY modern feel with a hint of old-school paper and ink, but without all the extra steps, paper cuts or consumption.

More swatches of Sally Hansen handwritten Love Letter nail polish strips…

I have gotten a ton of compliments every time I’ve used Sally Hansen nail polish strips, and I especially like their fishnet pattern nail polish strips.

As you can see, these Love Letter nail polish strips have a soft white polish base with black cursive handwriting printed on top. The finish is smooth, the application is nearly foolproof,* and no top coat is necessary!  Better yet, these nail polish strips really do last for 10 days (or longer), and perform way better than regular nail polish.

Meilily: Nail Polish Strips Swatches - Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Love Letter

* In this sunlight swatch photo, you can see a small dent in the polish where I accidentally dug a nail into it right after applying the polish, but other than that the manicure looks practically flawless.

Unlike gel nail polish, you do not need to cure these nail polish strips – you just peel, stick, file off the extra material and you’re done, with no drying time.  Note: you do get some nail polish odor for the first couple days, since these strips are made from real nail polish and not just printed stickers.

For more details on how to apply these Sally Hansen nail polish strips, check out this Meilily post on fishnet nail polish strips.

One box of Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips retails for about US$10 at drugstores.

I highly recommend trying these nail polish strips in one of the unique designs that would be hard to replicate on your own – They are totally fun and easy!

Meilily loves: Sally Hansen nail polish strips!

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2 Comments to Handwritten Nail Polish: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in Love Letter

I haven’t tried these yet but the ones I’ve tried from Kiss etc. have peeled off me instantly. Maybe because these are nail polish to start with they’d be better. They look cute on you.

January 29, 2014

Thanks, Marcia! These definitely stay put, even better than regular polish imho!

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