More Cat Makeup by Paul & Joe: Spring Cat Blusher Stick Photos & Details

Sunday, April 8th, 2012 | Makeup, Photos, Product Launches, Product Picks

Meilily: Paul & Joe Beaute Cat Blusher Stick in Minou

Meilily Product Photos & Details: Paul & Joe Beaute Cat Blusher Stick 10th Anniversary Limited Edition!

Parisian beauty brand, Paul & Joe Beaute, started the feline makeup trend last Fall with their adorable cat-shaped lipsticks, and now they’re back with a new Limited Edition Kitten Collection for Spring 2012.  This year’s stand-out cat-shaped makeup product is the Paul & Joe Cat Blusher Stick, shown here in shade 002 Minou, a shimmering coral pink.

The fruity-floral scented Paul & Joe Beaute Blusher Sticks come in three shades, 001 Glamour Puss (a pearly beige for highlighting), 002 Minou (coral pink shimmer), and 003 Catfight (deep tangerine) and contain orange flower water and white lily extract.

Check out more photos of the popular Paul & Joe Cat Blusher Stick in Minou…

Meilily: Paul & Joe Beaute Cat Blusher Stick in Minou Closeup

This Paul & Joe cat-shaped face color stick even has a top hat and bow-tie!  If that’s not enough cuteness, the inside of the lipstick tube also comes printed with kitty faces.

Here you can see the Paul & Joe Spring 2012 packaging… Purple cat faces and a feminine pearl shell pink lipstick case (supposedly interchangeable with the Paul & Joe Lipstick C cases).

Meilily: Paul & Joe Beaute Cat Blusher Stick Packaging Spring

How Parisian chic is that?!

To protect the kitty shape – don’t worry – just swipe and apply the blusher using the back of the cat’s head.  As shown below, this only minimally affects the shape of the blusher stick.

Meilily: Paul & Joe Beaute Cat Blusher Stick in Minou Used

This shade, Minou, is a soft and flattering pink suitable for most skintones, and the Paul & Joe Beauty blusher stick is my pick from the Spring line.

I picked up the Paul & Joe Blusher Stick at for US$29.20 (shipped free from the UK), and it is also available at (my usual place for a Paul & Joe fix) for US$28 + shipping.

Hope you enjoyed this cat makeup beauty fix…  from Meilily!

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