Nail Polish Strips that Work? Sally Hansen Nail Effects Strips

Thursday, November 24th, 2011 | Nail Polish, Product Picks, Swatches

Meilily Swatches: Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips - Fishnet
Meilily Product Pick & Swatches: Sally Hansen Nail Effects Strips – Fishnet Design!

Need a fun gift idea – for yourself? While everyone else is out fighting holiday crowds, get yourself to the drugstore and pick up some Sally Hansen nail polish strips!

Sally Hansen Nail Effects nail polish strips come in a fun array of patterns, and the fishnet design in particular is fresh, modern and stylish. These nail polish strips are long-lasting and actually stay nearly perfect for one full week! Best of all, applying the Sally Hansen nail strips is cleaner and less error-prone than bottled nail polish.

More Photos, Swatches & Details of Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips…

My favorite of the nail polish designs, shown here, is called Misbehaved. It’s a subtle metallic gold-taupe with reddish micro-glitter – so pretty! The black fishnet design is surprisingly flattering on the nails and definitely will get you tons of compliments.

Meilily Product Pick: Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips - Misbehaving

One box contains a single manicure application with extra nail polish strips in various shapes and sizes.

Applying Nail Polish Strips…

To apply the Nail Effects strips, just peel the polish off the backing, place on nails, and then bend, press and scrape the excess strip off.

Meilily: Sally Hansen Nail Effects Strip - Peel & Apply

I had no problem finding the right size nail polish strip to fit my nails, and it was easy adjusting the fit slightly with just a little stretching/pulling. Even though these strips are supposed to be real nail polish, they only smell faintly of nail polish upon first peeling them from the backing.

These nail strips have awesome shine and chip-resistance for over a week (10 days according to the package)!

Sally Hansen knows her stuff, and my nails did indeed remain chip-free and shiny for 10 days. After 10 days, the shine was still there, but I did start noticing some subtle chipping – you could also see some nail growth, but overall the manicure still looked great. At the end of week 2, it was time to call it quits on the chipping.

Meilily Swatches: Sally Hansen Nail Effects Strips - Extra

Above, you can see the excess nail polish that was scraped off, leftover from the application process.

One box of Sally Hansen Nail Effects strips retails for ~ US$9 at drugstores.

All in all, these Sally Hansen nail polish strips are quite cool and wear significantly better than normal nail polish, without any dry time. Though the strips don’t last the three weeks that a gel manicure lasts, the strips do last at least 10 days. With a playful variety of designs, from gold glitter to colorful floral, these nail polish strips are extra fun!

Meilily loves: Sally Hansen Nail Effects nail polish strips in Misbehaved!

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