Gel Nail Polish: Long Lasting Shellac Manicure for Natural Nails – Photos & Details Week 3

Thursday, June 9th, 2011 | Nail Polish, Photos, Product Testing, Swatches

Meilily: Gel Manicure Week 3 - CND Strawberry Smoothie Gloss
Meilily Product Pick, Photos & Swatches: Long-lasting Shellac Gel Manicure: Week 3!

Wondering how a Shellac gel manicure looks by week 3? Well, so far so good, with one random chip from earlier, some nail growth, and still a whole lot of shine! Check out these photos and swatches from Week 3 of my CND Shellac gel manicure in shade Strawberry Smoothie!

In general, my gel manicure still looks great a full three weeks later – shiny, glossy, and lacquered! The gel polish on quite a few nails fared quite well through the weeks, and still looks pretty close to perfect (aside from the visible nail growth)…

Meilily: Gel Polish Week 3 - CND Pink Growth

Only upon close inspection can you see the minor chips and wear that have developed over the course of three weeks. Compared to regular nail polish, at 3 weeks, this gel polish looks spectacular! It’s a miracle this polish lasted so well for this long…

Since the Day 5 update, the gel polish on one nail got sliced in a random cooking accident… Yikes! (See below) Luckily the gel polish mostly healed itself at the cut without peeling, and the natural nail underneath remained unscathed. At a distance, you can barely see the scratch on this manicure!

Meilily: Gel Polish Week 3 - Chips

Also, that fluke chip from week 1 finally started peeling back and eventually came off (see above photo).  Really not too bad-looking for a 3-week-old chip, huh?

Week 3: Nail Growth

At week 3, you can see plenty of nail growth, though the gel polish on them is still super glossy. Fortunately the grow-out isn’t as noticeable with paler polishes (like CND’s Strawberry Smoothie or Romantique).

Note: This CND gel polish in Strawberry Smoothie can look different depending on the light, so it looks milkier and more pastel pink in the above photo, while in normal sunlight (below) you will see more of the subtle strawberry pink in this shade.

Meilily: Gel Manicure Week 3 - CND Strawberry Smoothie Sunlight

Sunlight photo at week 3: The gel polish looks fairly light and glossy, and it is actually hard to see the chips and slice on that one nail (above, left).

Week 3 and counting…? So far this gel polish has lasted way better than regular polish on natural nails, hands down!

**Don’t forget to check out these earlier photos and swatches from Day 1 and Day 5 of this very same gel manicure!

Stay tuned to see how I remove this gel manicure! … from Meilily!

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