Lucha Keys: Fred & Friends Luchador Inspired Kitsch for Your Keys

Monday, May 3rd, 2010 | General, Photos, Style Picks

Meilily Off-Beat Product Pick & Photos: Lucha Keys, Stretch Pants for Keys!

I have been on a Luchador kick lately, so I just couldn’t resist showing these luchador-inspired key jackets by Fred & Friends, though key jackets are a far cry from the beauty and style products typically featured on Meilily. To be fair, Lucha Keys are described as “stretch pants for keys,” so keys can be stylish too!

Inspired by the distinctive masks of luchadores or Mexican wrestlers, Lucha Keys, made in blue-red and green-lime rubber, stretch over the top of your keys to help distinguish different keys (or to simply look cool).


Who wouldn’t get a kick out of luchador key jackets?!

Fred & Friends, not to be confused with Fred Flare, makes a bunch of other fun and humorously functional products for home, office, and kitchen, like the Holy Toast toast stamper and tons more.

Some other Fred & Friends products to check out (great for gift-giving, parties, weddings, etc.):
Cool Jewels: Make ice cubes shaped like diamonds and gemstones.
Unzipped: Serve snacks in glass jars that resemble ziploc bags.
2-Carat Cup: Wear what looks to be a diamond ring as you hold this mug (comes with jewelry box).
Wine Monkey: Cover your wine bottles with a cute sock monkey.

*You can find more Luchador inspiration staying in the unique Casa del Luchador painted room at the Hotel des Artes in San Francisco, with colorful larger-than-life luchadores painted by artist Peat Wolleager.

Hope you enjoyed this Off-Beat Product Pick! from Meilily!

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