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Saturday, February 13th, 2010 | Makeovers, Makeup

meilily-makeover-thi Meilily Makeover Report!

Remember the makeover I won in last October’s Thi Cosmetics Halloween Costume Contest? Well, I’m finally getting around to providing details on the makeover by one of my favorite makeup artists, Taylor Pham, founder of Thi Cosmetics!

Here’s a look at what the whole makeover entailed and the products used (at least what I can recall). Unfortunately, I was so busy enjoying getting made over by Taylor Pham, I forgot to check on many of the products she used on me…

Hair Prep
– Taylor started by prepping my hair: dried it with a blow drier, curled it with a curling iron, and then placed it all in rollers (particularly big rollers up top). Then she let it set throughout the rest of the makeover.

– Next up: brow waxing and plucking. I could tell this was an important step in Taylor’s recommended beauty regimen, but I definitely had not been maintaining my brows! Tsk tsk!

Finally, makeup…
– Taylor started on a clean, moisturized face, then started with the eye color first to avoid messy fallout on a made up face. She actually spent a lot of time perfecting my eyes before moving on. Afterward, looking closely you could see the utter perfection in her application and blending! Here’s what she did:
~ She prepped my eyes by using a new test product (a primer/concealer-type product) on my entire bare lid.
~ Taylor then used a light powder eyeshadow on lids for a wash of soft color. She used a pale pink Thi Cosmetics eyeshadow – Sakura I think. The look was soft and glowy but not too pale around my eyes.
~ She shaped a wing of eye liner above each eye using lots of black eye shadow and pencil liner, blended thoroughly with a brush. Deep black liner was then applied around the entire eye with a liner brush near the lashline and waterline, including the bottom lashline. (I should have paid attention to what pencil and gel liner Taylor used – they were very waterproof and very inky black!). The intense eye liner imparted almost a cleopatra style look, extending my eyes sideways rather than vertically. Think Kim Kardashian, but asian.
~ For blush I believe Taylor used a mixture of Thi Cosmetics face color powders: first pale pink Sakura powder eyeshadow then a peachier blush shade around my cheekbones. Lots of blending – lots of light color. In the end Taylor created a really unique look, with blush applied even high up near my temples. I’ll have to try this technique on my own.

Finishing Spray
– After Taylor applied all the makeup, she finished with a makeup setting spray (like hairspray for the face). I am pretty sure she did this step before applying the false lashes, but I could be wrong.

Lush Lashes
– Taylor next began applying individual false lashes, Thi Cosmetics Lush Lashes, in two layers using both short and long lashes. Taylor’s Thi Cosmetics partner, Mimi Tran, helped finish up my lash application, spending a lot of time carefully applying each set of lashes, resting her hand on a powder puff to prevent makeup smudging. (It was so relaxing, I almost nodded off in the makeup chair.) Afterward I had a thick blanket of lashes!

– Mimi used a mixture of two Thi lip glosses on my lips: a pink and a peach on top of a warm nude lip color from what looked like a Make Up For Ever lip palette (sans lip liner). The inspiration? Think JLo.

Hair Styling
– Taylor and Mimi let my hair down, pulled out each curl, and then shaped the curls to frame my face.

Finally, my Thi Cosmetics Halloween Contest Makeover was complete, and I got out my handmade Bjork swan costume and we took some photos!
Check out photos of the makeover results on the Thi Cosmetics blog and also here at Meilily!

It was a great chance for makeup artist Taylor Pham to get creative and have some fun – Hope you enjoyed hearing the details!

Live Beautifully * Meilily

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