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Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 | Makeup, Photos


Lipstick Queen’s Butterfly Ball collection of lipsticks has gotten some buzz, particularly since this collection is inspired by the famous quote from legendary boxer Mohammed Ali, “Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.”

These lipsticks seem to be an exercise in juxtaposition – like sweet and sour or butterfly wings and bee stings – with the “sting” coming from the turquoise blue-purple flash of shimmer in each lipstick.

[fyi: Lipstick Queen is currently on sale at Gilt including the Chinatown Glossy Pencils, but unfortunately Butterfly Ball is not part of the sale!]

More Product Photos of Butterfly Ball in Goodbye…


While blue shimmer is not my cup of tea for lips, these sheer moisturizing lipsticks still look very interesting and beautiful in the tube.

As usual, the Lipstick Queen packaging is unique and interesting, featuring an elegant illustration of butterfly wings and a muted plum-pink tube.

*Photos are of Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball Lipstick in Goodbye, a sheer plum with iridescent blue-purple shimmer.

Lipstick Queen is available at Barneys and online at

*Don’t forget to check out the other Lipstick Queen products on sale right now at for a limited time! They have various lipsticks and glosses on sale, but unfortunately not Butterfly Ball.

Hope you enjoyed these product photos! from Meilily

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1 Comment to Product Photos: Lipstick Queen – Butterfly Ball Lipstick

February 20, 2010

The blue is hardly noticeable–it’s not like teeny-bopper shimmer. It adds a slight dimension to the color, in fact you really have to struggle to see it. No one would look at your lips and think you had blue glitter on. Try one, I think you might like it.

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