Product Pick: Aveda Comforting Tea

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009 | Photos, Product Picks


Meilily: Aveda Comforting Tea

Meilily Product Pick! Aveda Tea!

If it is anywhere as cold where you are as it is here, you may enjoy curling up and drinking lots of hot Aveda Tea. This is one of my favorite teas out there from one of my favorite beauty brands, Aveda. While I will admit it’s a little odd to be drinking tea from a company that is best known for its natural haircare and skincare products, I have gotten past the point of caring. Aveda Comforting Tea – and they only make one kind – is a unique tea that, I’ve heard, can get even coffee lovers hooked!

Aveda Tea has a warm and naturally sweet flavor that is not overly herbal or astringent, and it instead manages to taste nothing like the typically overdone flavors of mass-market caffeine-free tea.  It tastes more like a unique beverage that fits somewhere between asian loose leaf tea, mellow kona coffee, and Guiness. Ok, perhaps it is far from tasting anything like Guiness or coffee, but I would say Aveda Tea is to tea as Guiness is to beer. It’s just a different kind of caffeine-free tea than you’re probably used to, and it is 100% organic.

Meilily: Aveda Comforting Tea Bag

Meilily: Aveda Comforting Tea Bag

If you’re curious, Aveda Tea seems to get most of it’s flavor from a mellow blend of tea leaves and licorice root, a naturally sweet dry woody part of a plant (often used as an herb in traditional Chinese medicine).  Not to worry, it does not taste at all like black or red licorice! This is a mellow tea, and its flavors are simply warm, soft, and sweet.

Aveda Tea comes in two forms: individual tea bags or loose tea in a jar (tea infuser required). I’ve purchased both, and for the beginner I would definitely recommend trying a box of Aveda Tea Bags.  I would only suggest the loose Aveda Tea for those who really don’t mind some loose tea bits in their cup.

Tip: If you drop by an Aveda store, they usually have samples of Aveda tea brewed up and ready to serve to those who wander in!

A box of Aveda Comforting Tea Bags is US$14 (for 20 bags) and a jar of loose Aveda Comforting Tea is US$24 (for 4.9 oz.) at Aveda stores.

Meilily loves… Aveda Tea!

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1 Comment to Product Pick: Aveda Comforting Tea

December 9, 2009

I had no idea that Aveda made tea either. What a unique and good idea! I’m going to stop in for a sample next time I’m near their store. Thanks for the tip!

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