Product Pick: Pacifica Avalon Juniper Perfume

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 | Fragrance, Photos, Product Picks, Stores

Meilily Product Pick:  Pacifica Avalon Juniper Perfume

Meilily Product Pick: Pacifica Avalon Juniper Perfume

What do books and natural perfumes have in common? Well, not much, I thought, until I discovered that Borders Bookstores now carry products by Pacifica, a surf-inspired brand of natural fragrances, candles, and body care.

Pacifica has artfully placed their perfumes in the limelight recently, their products garnering a spot near the front of Borders bookstores (and in Sephora stores), no longer sitting meekly on the shelves of small locals-only grocery stores.  Keep reading for more on Pacifica’s latest fragrance, Avalon Juniper.

Meilily Product Review & Photos: Pacifica Avalon Juniper Perfume

I thought I had found my favorite Pacifica fragrance during a 20% off Elephant Pharm sale when I tried Pacifica’s Brazilian Mango Grapefruit scent, but I recently discovered a new favorite when I sniffed the new Pacifica Avalon Juniper line at my local Borders.

I first noticed that the packaging of the Pacifica Avalon Juniper line features a cute drawing of an owl sitting on bare branches.  What’s not to love?  Unless you dislike owls and juniper, you’ll likely be intrigued by Pacifica’s Avalon Juniper fragrance line.

Meilily:  Pacifica Avalon Juniper Fragrance Bottle

Meilily: Pacifica Avalon Juniper Fragrance Bottle

The Avalon Juniper scent is described on the package as “fire and ice,” and is surprisingly light and fresh.  The juniper and citrus notes are just subtle enough to produce a crisp, slightly watery citrus-juniper scent that warms and sweetens a bit in the end, when you notice the woody tartness and depth of the juniper oil.

Though I’m not sure where the “fire” is supposed to come from, the Avalon Juniper scent definitely has two contrasting aspects:  bright citrus and mysterious juniper.  The versatile fragrance of the natural juniper oil is actually quite subtle, as I discovered when I tried L’Occitane’s Cade Shaving Soap with juniper.  So, don’t worry, the juniper notes in Pacifica’s Avalon Juniper perfume are nothing like the pungently offensive scent of Pine-sol!

Juniper is definitely a great unisex fragrance note, and I recommend Pacifica Avalon Juniper Perfume for those who want a unique, natural, and affordable alternative to expensive department store fragrances.

More Product Details

A 1.2 oz glass spray bottle of Pacifica’s Avalon Juniper Perfume currently retails for $19 at Borders ($22 at Pacifica’s website). Note:  the glass spray bottle does not actually come with a cap.  [Do check with your Borders store first to make sure they carry Pacifica.]

Meilily Shopping Tip

Using a 30% off Borders coupon, Meilily picked up Pacifica Avalon Juniper Perfume for only $13.30. To get Pacifica perfumes and products at a discount, Meilily recommends signing up for a free Borders membership to get printable discount coupons emailed to you often!  Borders discount coupons are currently valid for Pacifica perfumes, and are often good for 20%-30% off one product!

Meilily Loves:  Pacifica Avalon Juniper Perfume!

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3 Comments to Product Pick: Pacifica Avalon Juniper Perfume

perfume lover
May 29, 2009

The way you described this scent, I just have to have it. it sounds gorgeous, and just right for a summer evening

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