Meilily Product Pick: Stylish Hi-tech Jawbone Headset

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 | Photos, Product Picks, Style and Technology

Check out Meilily’s product review and exclusive Jawbone headset photos …

Meilily: Jawbone Headset Black

Meilily: Jawbone Headset in Black

Meilily says: Hi-tech hands-free headsets can be stylish too!

While geeky gadgets don’t typically fit in the realm of fashion and style, Jawbone headsets made by Aliph are changing that.  While other bluetooth headset makers have started targeting fashion-conscious female consumers with girly colors and blinged-out carrying cases, Jawbone is really the first headset to truly turn heads, both male and female, based on good product design alone.

Jawbone headsets originally rose to stardom in the gadget world for their patented NoiseAssassin noise elimination technology (once developed for military use), however the original Jawbone headsets were a bit large and clunky. The second generation re-designed Jawbone headsets (a.k.a. Jawbone II) were smaller, sturdier, and used different ear hooks, and unfortunately they started making them in market-pressured metallic-frost colors like Rambling Rose and Babbling Blue. IMHO the basic black Jawbone looks just fine!

*Now, Aliph is launching their newest re-designed Jawbone headset, the Jawbone PRIME, available (in candy colors) in stores May 2, 2009 or by pre-order online.

Does Jawbone NoiseAssassin Technology Work? Meilily says, yes!

In my experience, the Jawbone noise elimination technology definitely makes a big difference in the sound quality of phone calls, at least for the person listening to the Jawbone-user on the phone.  Thus, I highly recommend giving a Jawbone headset as a gift to someone who calls you a lot! Trust me, it’s like giving yourself the gift, because when they call you using the Jawbone, it will sound great to you, without annoying background noise. Unfortunately, the Jawbone NoiseAssassin technology may still not really help them hear you much better.

Meilily Exclusive Photos of the Jawbone II Headset

*Note:  The clear earpiece shown in these photographs was taken from a Plantronics headset to improve the fit, and does not usually come with the Jawbone II headset.  However, it looks like the new Jawbone PRIME will come with a similar earpiece in black.  Meilily – trendsetting geekery at its finest! : )

Meilily:  Jawbone Headset Inner Curve

Meilily: Jawbone Headset Inner Curve

In the above photo, you can see that the Jawbone headsets are actually curved on one side, with a white plastic piece (the Voice Activity Detector) that should sit near the jaw bone.

Meilily: Jawbone Headset with Detachable Earhook

Meilily: Jawbone Headset with Detachable Earhook

As you can see from the photos, even this second generation Jawbone headset looks extremely cool, stylish, and hi-tech.  The Jawbone II headset comes with several ear hooks (leather-wrapped and plastic) and ear pieces for the right fit, and once you get the right fit and orientation, a Jawbone headset can really help improve the quality of your phone calls, especially for the people you call!

Meilily recommends the new Jawbone headset as a stylish hi-tech gift idea!

Cautionary Note: The Jawbone headset design has a power button incorporated into the curved outer face, so, it is pretty easy to turn the headset on and off accidentally while it is sitting in a pocket (or a purse). FYI!

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